Wednesday, May 5, 2010

numero uno

wow! a blog, time to reach the masses of the digital age! time to inject my personal beliefs, and stupidities into this magical wonderland of internet. time to debate hot topic issues and trash talk people i'll maybe never meet. time to play GOD with my blog by fine tuning it to make anyone who disagrees with me seem like a moron for contesting with the almighty. time for my ideas, my opinions to reach millions!

o wait this is the first post...of my first no one is all...and i'm essentially talking to myself...kinda depressing in a way.

well anyway, if this thing is basically just for me at this point i may as well have fun with it. so lucky you o nonexistent phantom reader! you get to read whatever ramblings that i see fit publish. i guess that means this blog is about anything that strikes my fancy. happy reading, you non-existent little thing you!